Happy Canada Day!

Ottawa homeowners are experiencing some extreme temperatures and humidity on this Canada Day long weekend, so we decided to stay open to take emergency Air Conditioning calls.

Here are 8 tips to make sure your central air conditioning is running efficiently: 

  1. Make sure all vents (registers) and interior doors stay OPEN in your home! This is the most common mistake we come across. Your AC is
    suited for the sq ft of your home. Closing vents and registers will cause your system to work harder than it should by increasing pressure to the unit and reducing circulation in your home. 33041370_1813768151976996_8339965176090460160_o
  2. Close your blinds or curtains! Work WITH your AC to keep your house cooler by blocking out the sun.
  3. Make sure your filter is clean and free of debris. Replace your filter when necessary.
  4. Take advantage of fans in your home. Just like our first tip, the more air circulation in your home the better. Turn on your ceiling fans or tabletop fans.
  5. Set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature. No less than 23°C / 73°F would be a reasonable temperature.
  6. Cook outside! Take advantage of BBQ season!31841850_1797433376943807_5814462150491504640_n
  7. Make sure your AC is clean and free of debris. Avoid storing outdoor objects or planting gardens close to your air conditioner. It needs room to breathe.
  8. Schedule an annual inspection/tune-up by a licensed HVAC contractor (like us!), to ensure your system is working safely and efficiently. Furnaces and air conditioners are like a car, they need regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Call us if you need help making sure you are all set up for the summer heat!